Good Evening!

I hope you all had a great day.  I got to spend the day with my parents and my little one.  Food choices are always hard for me at their house.

They like a lot of processed foods.   I am not judging.  I know there are no “good foods” or “bad foods”, but I do know how certain ones make me feel.  My parents do eat healthy foods too, just more processed than I like for me.  I am no saint when it comes to food either, I eat processed ones and so-called “junk” too, here and there, and everyone’s definition of healthy food varies, but I know what works for me, (and when I choose to eat it) and what does not, so I choose the best I can for me at the time.  Does that all make sense? I hope so.

Here is the rest of my eat day:

I found an apple that looked pretty good.

I did some shopping for the vat of potato salad I need to make for tomorrow and found a managers special!

It has a great mix of nuts!  Brazil, hazel, cashew, almonds, all sorts of seeds and they are all unsalted, and raw just like I like them!  Yummy fruit too!

I was the most excited about the Brazil nut over in the top right hand corner! Yum!  So I had a few of these and then went back to my parents house and chose the lesser of the evils for lunch.  🙂

I found some tuna, MW, onion, celery, and some whole wheat bread to have a sandwich with.  Pretty good!  Sometimes simple is great!

That held me over but I was hungry again and then I found some giant carrots!  I ate half of one and decided to take a picture.

All of my pictures at my parents were taken on the sly.  They don’t know about my blog yet.  I’ll tell them eventually, but I think my dad will think that it’s odd taking pictures of everything I eat and posting it to the world to top it off.  So anyway, for now I am snapping pictures when no one is looking.  🙂

That held me over until I got home.  I made a burrito bowl out of my leftovers.  That’s three dinners with the same ingredients three nights in a row (slight change-up today with the black beans and salsa) and all were delicious.  Not bad!

In the bottom was brown rice, black beans, lean ground beef, with romaine, tomato, cheddar cheese, greek yogurt, red onion, all smothered wth salsa verde!  So tasty!

I had some stuffed dates afterward for something sweet.  I love walnut stuffed dates.  This particular box of dates is spectacular.  Some times you get lucky and I did on these.  They are super sweet and gooey!

I started peeling my potatoes and my husband got home.  It was fairly early and unusual for him to be home at that time.  He helped me peel the rest of the potatoes and we went out for a quick bite to eat.  I already ate, but was hungry again so it sounded good.

He was in the mood for a sonic burger.  Luckily there was a Jimmy Johns right next door.  I ate half of a Turkey Tom and still felt hungry.  I knew a DQ was on the horizon so I opted to get my fill on that.

This is a picture I took of the half I did not eat after I got home.  I brought my camera out with us but the SD card was in my computer!

So no picture of my DQ but it was a Nutter Butter Mini Blizzard, and for a PB lover it was super awesome!

That’s my food day/night.  I am definitely done eating.  I feel good though.  I never overate today.  I had small amounts of what I wanted.  It was a good day!

I do have a question for you.  Feel free to leave your answer in the comments.  Do your parents eat the same way you do?  Do they eat mostly processed foods, whole foods, or a combination of both?

I hope you have a great night!

Talk to you soon!