This morning I had some awesome zucchini bread for breakfast and headed out for my run.  My knee has been feeling pretty good and I don’t want to mess that up.  I didn’t plan on running today, I was going to cross train with some Mtn biking (due to rain it was not going to happen).  With that being said, I was not sure how well I would run today.

I walked the dogs for about 15 minutes, took them home and began my run.  I felt fast today.  Maybe it was all the PB and snacks from yesterday, but I ended up doing 5 miles 4 minutes faster than normal!  I felt so good today!  Only a tiny bit of tightness in one hip.

When I got home it was lunch time.  I was craving a salad with tuna and hard-boiled egg.  So I had to boil the eggs and cool them and it took awhile but it was worth the wait!  I got another craving fulfilled.

Cheddar cheese chunks, egg, tuna, cucumbers, and tomato all on top of crunchy fresh romaine lettuce!  So good!

Then I needed something sweet and had an apple.

A pink lady.  I like her, but Ginger Gold are my absolute favorite!  They are hard to find, and are only in my area at the end of August and into September, then they are gone.  I am going to start my search!

I needed something more later on and went for some greek yogurt with honey and dried blueberries.

Now that my little girl is taking a nap (yay!), I seriously need to get going on laundry and housework!

I hope you have a great afternoon!

Talk later!