Good Wednesday Morning!

Today is a circuit day for me.  What type of circuit?  You guessed it, a Gabby Reece one!



SB=Stability Ball
MB=Medicine ball

KB=Kettle bell

3 Rounds
60 Seconds Per Exercise
10-15 Seconds Rest In-Between Each Exercise
1 Minute Rest In-Between Each Round

1. DB 1 Arm Pop Up / 30 Seconds Each Arm
2. DB Bicep Curl Shoulder Press
3. Russian Ball Twist
4. Kettle Bell Swing
5. Straight Leg Deadlift
6. Dip and SB Roll in
7. SB Bridge Roll In
8. Wall Sits with Arms Out
9. Spiderman with a Kick Back
10. Step Back Lunge with Front Knee Lift
11. DB Flys
12. U Half Rounds / 30 Seconds Each Leg

It’s full of some great moves!  I am excited to get going on it!

For breakfast today:  I guess I was feeling like some veggies.  I also had some new inspiration from some sprouted english muffins I picked up yesterday.

The result:

A colorful, tasty, mess of scrambled egg, zucchini, mushroom, colored bell pepper, and sprouted english muffins!  It was a nice change-up to my normal oatmeal and it was awesome!

I hope you have a great morning!

I will talk to you soon!