Good Monday morning to you!

I got a good start to my week this morning with a circuit workout.  Todays circuit choice: Gabby Reeces Group Circuit Workout 13!


SB=Stability Ball
MB=Medicine ball

3 Rounds
60 Seconds Per Exercise
10-15 Seconds Rest In-Between Each Exercise
1 Minute Rest In-Between Each Round


  1. Plank
  2. Jumping jax
  3. Spiderman w/kick
  4. DB Squat
  5. DB or KB Side lunge
  6. Split squat, single arm row
  7. 1 legged leg extension, arms out
  8. Bicep curl, shoulder press-independent
  9. Straight leg dead lift
  10. Side leg open & close
  11. SB sit ups
  12. DB squat to shoulder press

It was a good one as always!

For breakfast…Oatmeal!  Banana, dates, pecans, flax seeds, millet and pepitas!  So yummy!  I had it before my workout.

Afterwards, I needed a snack of greek yogurt, honey and dried blueberries!  I love keeping the berries in the refrigerator.  It makes them cold and chewy!  Yum!

Now I need to get some things together for my dogs and daughters overnight stay with grandma and grandpa tonight!  I have errands to run, a bay window to stain, a deck to stain, a lawn to mow, and a doctor’s appointment tomorrow.  Maybe I can squeeze a walk or run in too!  We will see.  If nothing else a run all by myself in the AM!  What a treat!

I hope you are having a wonderful Monday morning!

Talk soon!