The answer is…most of it!  I had a long list of things to do today and they took longer than I expected.  It was still productive and busy so early in the day I had a few snacks.

I started off with a trip to a specialty market near my parents.  It is a great place!  You can see my view where I had a snack today.

On this picture below right behind the fountian, is the spot where two of my car crashes in high school took place.  🙂

I sat at a picnic table here at the top but you can follow the walkway past the horse to other eating areas down below.

Here was my tasty snack.  I had half the fig bar and all of the GT.  It’s not my green one and I paid way too much for it but it worked.

Here is the inside of the fig bar.  I broke it in half to show you the goodness!

I got hungry an hour later of being on the go and found a half of a box of raisins in my purse.  They have saved me once again!

I finally made it home and had a good lunch!  A chicken sandwich on sprouted bread with baby spinach, Muenster, and tomato!

I was feeling chocolaty and had some of these afterward!

Dark chocolate covered almonds and cashews!  I love the little tiny stainless steel bowls.  They hold 2 TBS!

I worked on some more things from my list of stuff to do this morning ad then it was time for dinner.  I had another burger boat like last night, but I had some yam fries with it today!

I love doing the yam fries in the oven with coconut oil, red Hawaiian sea salt, and fresh grated ginger!

I ate, mowed the lawn, and walked 2 miles!

That’s my eats for the day!  It’s time to rest and wind down for the night.

I hope you have a great night!  I’ll catch you in the AM!