Good Afternoon!

I hope everyone had a good morning.  Mine started out great!  Sundays are my rest days from exercise.  I absolutely love lazy Sundays!

I had my morning hot coffee and waited for my family to get up.  My husband actually had the day off!  This is very rare!  He got promoted two times at work this spring (yay!) and now we don’t see him too often (boo!).

We went out to breakfast.  There is a coney we like near our home.  They make the best breakfasts.  Lately the veggie omelette (without cheese) has been my favorite as of late.  It is so good!  With some places you go to, you can taste and feel the grease in your mouth (yuck!) but not here!

It is huge!  I ate probably 2/3 of the omelet and maybe 1/3 of the hash browns.  I usually just pick at the crunchy parts of the potatoes.

I am so happy, I actually busted out my camera to take a picture of my food in a restaurant!  I always feel like a big weirdo, today I decided to do it!  I did steal half of a piece of dry wheat toast from my husband and put some grape jelly on it (yum!), but was too chicken take out the camera a second time and take a picture of it.  I’ll get there!  🙂

Afterward, we went shopping!  Not long into it my husband got a call that he needed to come into work! We at least had a nice breakfast with him!  So we came home and I cleaned up the house some and was getting hungry.

I was not feeling like a traditional lunch and PB and carrots sounded good, so I had a plate of veggies and some PB!

That was good!  Now I think we will go for a small walk with the dogs and then come back and stretch.  I like to really stretch out on Sunday!

I hope you are having a great afternoon!

We will see what other eats the day will bring!

Talk to you later!