This afternoon I had a delicious snack.  It was some dark sweet frozen cherries!  They were the ones that I washed, pitted and froze for later use.  I bought a ton of them a while back.  I prefer them frozen as opposed to fresh.   They are the best to me sort of in between frozen and thawed!

I also had some bird food!  I am loving sunflower seed butter!  I put it on some sprouted toast and added flax seeds and millet!

The food that I am so excited about today is this!

They don’t look like much, but with a little water…

…and some scrubbing…

You get these gems!  Look how vibrant the colors are!  I was truly amazed!

Doesn’t it look like a geode?!  Beautiful!

All these needed was some olive oil, salt and pepper, and to be roasted.  It does not get any fresher!  From dirt to table in minutes!  My daughter and I planted them early this spring.  I have always had a garden but have never grown potatoes.  I will every year now!  They were that good.

I paired them with one of my lean burger boats!  I use romaine as the boat and load them up with an extra lean burger cut in half and smothered with all the fixings!  American cheese, purple onion, tomato and pickle!  It is the best!

I also had one of my stevia lemonades.  Just juice half a lemon into 2 cups of water and add sweetener to you liking!  I got that tip from Gabby Reece and it is so refreshing!  I drink tons of water, but sometimes your mouth needs a treat and it does the trick.

I am feeling pretty full right now so I don’t plan on eating anything else tonight!  If I get hungry I see some walnut stuffed dates or some greek yogurt with honey in my future.  Maybe both?!

That’s my eats for the day!

I hope you have a great night!

Catch you later!  🙂