Last night I left off figuring out what to eat for dinner.  I had some walnut stuffed dates while I thought about it.

I called my husband to see what he was in the mood for.  Leftover pizza!  Why not? After all my shopping and food cleaning I would be happy to take the night off.

Then I had some popcorn.  It was so good!  I like to use my Misto sprayer with olive oil on air popped popcorn and sprinkle it with parmesan cheese.  It’s a tasty lo cal snack!

That was my food night.

As for this morning, I woke up feeling not hungry.  I hate working out on empty, but if you are not hungry, you are not hungry.

I went for a walk with one dog and my daughter.  We went two miles then I dropped the dog off at home and went for a run!  It makes for a good warm-up this way.  I ran three miles today and a total of 5 miles done!  It felt good.  No pain only slight tightness in my hips today.

Now I was hungry, but warm oatmeal did not sound good.  I went for a smoothie!  I have missed not having one in a few days.  I went with my all time favorite one so far.  My Kale smoothie!

That was exactly what I needed to start my Saturday a run and a smoothie!

I hope you are having a great Saturday morning!