For a snack today I had some veggies.  I also had a tablespoon of peanut butter on my plate in a measuring spoon, but when I went to get the camera and it was missing.

Guess who got it?  My little girl.  She also had one of my carrots and was happily dipping into it.  So the PB is not pictured, but I got more and she helped herself to some more of my veggies.  I am happy, I have a kid who loves veggies, especially if they have peanut butter on them.  🙂

I felt like I needed some carbs so I finished off the last of my Puffins Original.  It was good as usual.  I like the peanut butter better, but that is no surprise.  I like to eat it on occasion, dry as a snack.

My daughter and I played with some of her toys for quite a while and I decided it was time to make my homemade salsa!  I wanted it to chill a bit before I used it on my dinner.

I save my old almond butter jars to put it in.  So if it looks like a MaraNatha jar, it is!  I also snacked on some dried blueberries and unsalted peanuts.  Oh, dried blueberries how I missed you!  I got some at the store yesterday.  I was out for about a week.  😦

I made my dinner of sprouted tortillas (remember my sprouted bread for lunch?!)  shredded chicken, cheddar, and Monterey jack cheese.  It was the perfect quesadilla!

I topped it off with my homemade salsa and greek yogurt!  It was what I was craving!

The greek yogurt really made it!

So that’s my eats for today.  I am done for the night!

I hope you had a great day and a good evening too!

Talk soon!