By the time we left for shopping I was hungry so I grabbed a few snacks to eat in the car on the way:

An apple and trail mix hit the spot!

When we got home from shopping I immediately put everything away. Then it was time to get to work on cleaning and chopping veggies.  I was hungry again and snacked on my work with some homemade humus!

I had some cucumbers,

and some bell peppers too!

It was not quite enough so I had some brown rice cakes with PB, flax-seed, and millet!  A tasty treat!

Veggies cut and ready to go now!

I have to put them into cardboard boxes and wrap them in towels to keep them from freezing in my old refrigerator.  I literally have to tuck them in!  If I don’t keep the refrigerator cold enough then the milk suffers and is too warm.

It’s time to replace it I know.  My husband tells me this nearly every day.  He is not a fan of tucking veggies in and not being able to find anything because it’s so packed.  Plus it is probably the smallest size there is short of a college dorm type.

My only problem is that we are limited in space because of the way the pantry and cupboards are.  We plan to redo the kitchen next year so I just want to wait until then.  It makes no sense to me to do it now.

You can see the overcrowding and craziness!

Good night little veggies!

My daughter wanted to go to the park so I took her and the dogs on a walk there. She fell asleep so we did not get to play but the dogs and I got some good walking in.  My daughter always wants to go somewhere when she gets tired.  I guess she thinks it will make her less sleepy.  Not the case. 🙂

I have been snacky today.  I am not sure what to do for dinner yet, but I am sure it will hit me soon.

Have a great evening!