I finished my circuit workout this morning in about 40 minutes.  I stretched for about 15 minutes using moves from my yoga book and my foam roller.

As I get older, stretching is a must!  In my twenties I would rarely stretch and words of warm ups and cool downs were not in my vocabulary.  Now they are vital!  Since I have been using the foam roller regularly (three days a week usually on days after runs) I have had little pain in my knee.  I always try to ice my knee and hip after a workout too.  It’s helping.

After the workout I decided it was time for lunch.  I had a quick sandwich before heading out the door to go shopping.  We need some more groceries. Hopefully with a full tummy I won’t buy out everything I see!

It was another repeat of yesterdays lunch (sliced chicken, Muenster-he’s hiding in there, tomato and sprouted bread) with the exception of baby spinach instead of lettuce.

I am into sandwiches lately.  Don’t you just love a sandwich bursting with goodness?

My husband always makes fun of me because my sandwiches or burgers are always falling apart due to all the veggies I stuff them with.  🙂

Now we are off to see what food goodies we can find to share with you!

Have a great afternoon!