I dropped my daughter and dogs off at my parents house.  Fueled up with some left over salad, and

some dark chocolate covered almonds and cashews!

I cleaned until I could no longer stand it and then decided to change it up and mow the lawn.  That made me hungry again so I had a few snacks.

Trail mix and a new nut butter.

I got to try my new sunflower butter!

I have never had a nut butter other than peanut.  I liked this one.  I put a little on some sprouted bread ( the end of the loaf) and added some flax and millet for more of a birdlike treat.  🙂

I went for a run (three miles today, bonus workout!) and found these little guys in the garden, so I ate them.

They were my first homegrown tomatoes of the season!  So sweet and good.

I took a shower and it was time for dinner.  I had a simple sandwich.  I have been cleaning all day and moving stuff around and I did not feel like messing up my kitchen.  Don’t discredit his simplicity.  I was craving cheese and this worked.

I wanted to eat it with some Popchips but they were MIA so I stole a few of my husbands combos.  They are baked right?  🙂

Cheddar cheese and pretzel! More cheese craving satisfied.

Now it’s back to cleaning and removing window treatments.  I am pretty sure I am done eating for the night, but who knows.

Have a great night!