Good Morning!

Last night I left off with having a smoothie and figuring I would not eat again that night.  I was wrong!  I ended up eating 6 walnut stuffed dates (they were small, the ones left at the bottom of the container) and two cups of Puffins PB cereal dry!  In the past I probably would not have eaten again since I told myself that I would not.  Last night I was hungry, so I ate.  I love intuitive eating!  Eating when you are hungry rocks!

I feel great this morning and it’s time for a circuit!  I did  a Gabby Reece  one of course.  With this one I added a move at the end (#12) because I felt like doing it.  Here it goes:



MB=Medicine ball

SB= Stability ball

KB=Kettle bell

DB=Dumb bell


3 Rounds

60 Seconds Per Exercise

10-15 Seconds Rest In-Between Each Exercise

1 Minute Rest In-Between Each Round


1. Runners Step back lunge and Lift (w/DB)

2. Side Lunge

3. Russian Twist on SB

4. Jumping Jax (Modified Jumping Jacks with a touch)

5. Praise forward Dip and Open (alternate sides)

6. DB Squat Pickup Side to Side (down/down/up/up = 1)

7. Spiderman- Tummy Tuck and Kick

8. KB Lawn Mower Squat

9. MB Around the World

10. Bicep Curl Shoulder Press

11. Side Open and Close

12.  Chest press on SB

As for breakfast it was:  Oatmeal-a beautiful mess of fruit (there is some banana hiding st the bottom!), nuts and seeds!

That hit the spot.  Then it was time to get down to the basement and get my workout done.  It was a good one!  I iced my knee and then felt a little off.  Not quite shaky, but close so I decided it was time for an early lunch.

It was a tasty sliced chicken sandwich with Muenster, lettuce and tomato on sprouted bread!  I made my husband one this morning for his lunch and it sounded good for me too.

He was tasty as usual!

As for the rest of my day, it will involve taking my daughter/dogs to my parents house, cleaning, removing all the window treatments, and moving furniture.  We are getting new windows installed tomorrow!  I am so excited!  The current ones are only 11 years old but were standard builder issue and not so good.

Yay, I will not have frost on the inside of my windows this winter!  I am more excited for my cat and dogs.  They are getting a new bay window to sit in!  I am pretty sure they will love it.  🙂

I hope you are having a great morning!

Talk soon!