Good Monday Morning!

I hope you had a good weekend!  I did, but now I need to start my week with a circuit!  It is not as lengthy as they have been lately.  With this being said, I am going to try to up the weight used and concentrate on my form!

Here is my Gabby Reece circuit that I am going to do today:


3 Sets of 60 (switch at 30)

30 Seconds rest and water at the end of each set

very little rest in-between each exercise


Dumbbells – 5 lbs, 8 lbs, 10 lbs, 12 lbs, 15 lbs

Stability Ball

Med Ball

Stop Watch / Sweat Towel / Water / Music


1. KB Sumo Squat

2. DB Lunge with a shoulder press
one at a time (opposite arm presses)

3. DB Kickbacks

4. DB Open and Close

5. DB Squat to toes

6. DB in a Pushup Row

7. 3 Squats 2 jumps

8. Back Lunge and touch

9. DB Up Up Down Down

10. MB Twist

I am going to try to get more cardio in this week.  I feel like I worked out hard in the morning but did not do as much walking and biking later in the day as I had been.  I want to take advantage of the last few bits of summer.  I love fall, it is my favorite time of year,  but not what comes after it.  🙂

For breakfast, I couldn’t decide between regular or chocolate oats.  My daughter was the deciding vote and it was chocolate (even though she will not eat it cooked only raw and dry for some reason)!

It was the usual:

  • Rolled oats (1 c water with 1/3 c oats and 1TBS coco powder-tasty antioxidants)
  • PB
  • Frozen banana chunks
  • Peanut sprinkling
  • Flax seed sprinkling

I have been thinking about an “Almond Joy” type oatmeal, so maybe tomorrow I will get creative with it.

I am going to get going on the circuit, upstairs today.  It is a bright and sunny morning and I feel like being upstairs in it.   Afterward, I plan to bike myself and the little on to the library today.  We have overdue books (I hate when I do that) and it should be about 8 miles round trip!  Bonus!

I actually have no choice on the biking part today.  My husband had a flat tire this morning and asked if I minded if he took my car today.  I didn’t.  We have no appointments today and it gives me an excuse to bike!

Have a great morning and I will talk to you soon!