Good Morning!

My knee is feeling pretty good today, but I don’t want to push it.  Today is a normal rest day anyway, but I think some stretching will be in order!  I really like this book:  The Athlete’s Pocket Guide to Yoga by Sage Rountree.  Sage writes for Runner’s World too!

It’s spiral bound and the pages stay open so you can see what pose is next without difficulty.  They show you all sorts of poses, focused routines and combined sequences.  I do quite a bit from the hips and legs category since that is where most of my problems are.

I can’t yet get to a yoga studio with a little one (Frankly I am intimidated to go.  I will one day.  🙂 ) and videos are challenging with her too, but with a book it works.

Speaking of which, today is my daughters third birthday!  We don’t have a huge celebration planned.  Just cake (I made), ice cream, and out to eat with my parents.

She wanted a pink cake!  No other instruction, just pink.  I love the color of beets and thought why not use beet juice to color it!  I have heard that food coloring is not the best for kids so why not use something natural to color it!

It made it a pretty shade of pink!  Not as vivid as straight beet juice itself, but I did not use a ton of juice either.  I am leaving the cake blank so that she can decorate it with her favorites: yogurt covered raisins and M&M’s.  🙂

It should be fun this afternoon!

I think I will go eat some oatmeal and get to my stretching!

Have a great morning!