Today my daughter and I ran a few errands.  I was hungry, but I had some snacks prepared so it was ok.  I had some salt free trail mix.  I like putting it in measured cups (1/4 C) to grab and go.  We re-use the containers as long as we can too.

Then I stopped and got a green GT!  Yay!  I found them!

That held me over until we got home so I could make some lunch.  I had a sprouted tortilla with Monterey Jack cheese, sliced chicken, lettuce and tomato!

After lunch my daughter wanted to go to the mall.  She will be three tomorrow and she loves going to the mall.  I can only imagine how it will be when she is a teen.  🙂

So, dinner at the mall food court.  Not my first choice, but I made do.  I had a chicken burrito.  It was a Chicken Fresco Burrito Supreme from Taco Bell, and surprisingly pretty good.  I had it with a unsweetened tea and three of my husbands nacho chips.

I don’t plan on eating anything else for the night.   It was a pretty simple day with taking it easy on exercise.  I guess my intuitive eating is working.  I did not burn so many calories and you can see I did not require much today either.   If I get hungry later tonight, I might have some plain yogurt with honey.

That’s my day of eats!

I hope you have a great night!