I did end up taking a 20 minute walk with the dogs (both of them wanted to go!)and my daughter today.  I like when I get bonus exercise in.  We did not make it to the park, because my daughter fell asleep.

So we came back home and I snacked on these while I figured out what to make for dinner.

Edamame!  I like to gnaw my way through the pods and get to the edibles when they are frozen.  It’s a cool and refreshing treat, and it’s fun to gnaw!

I took a look around in the fridge and found a piece of salmon left over from last night! Great!  That will save me some time.  I have been thinking about pasta too.  I found this box in my pantry and decided to give it a try.  I have never had GF pasta before.

I also had some sun-dried tomatoes that I needed to use up too!

So into the wok went:

  • 1/2 cup or so of the sun-dried tomatoes (when melted was maybe 1/4 c of oil with tomatoes)
  • 3-4 anchovy fillet

While the pasta was boiling, I heated up the above until the anchovies melted.  Then I shut the heat off and added the drained pasta.  I mixed it around added fresh baby spinach and some salmon chunks from last nights dinner.

With a little parmesan, and chopping up the salmon,  I had a quick, awesome meal that even a three-year old ate!  My husband enjoyed it too!  He didn’t even mind that the noodles were gluten-free!  It really hit the spot and it is a dish that I would make again!

That’s all for tonight.  I don’t plan on eating anything else.  I think I got my snacking in throughout most of the day.  🙂

Have a great night, and I will talk to you soon!