Good Friday morning to you!

It’s time for a circuit workout, Gabby Reece’s of course!

Today’s circuit: Punalu’u

SB=Stability Ball
MB=Medicine ball

3 Rounds
60 Seconds per exercise
10-15 Seconds rest in-between each exercise
30-60 Seconds rest in-between each round

1. Handstand-Pushup
Plank to elbows up – Pushup
2. DB Straight Leg Dead Lift to Row
3. DB Squat to Go
4. Side Plank Open and Close
5. Bicep Curl Go Stop
6. Lunge to Shoulder Press
7. DB Toe Squat
8. Standing Tricep Extension
9. MB Around the World (30 second switch)
10. SB 1 Legged Lunge
11. SB Back Extension
12. DB Lunge Row
13. Wall Sits
14. Standing 1 Legged Hamstring Curl
15. Sit Up and Aim between the Knees

Another great one!  It’s been a while since I have done this one.

For breakfast today:  Chocolate Oatmeal!

I know it is nothing new to me, but I love it!  The PB keeps me full, the chocolate usually takes care of any chocolate cravings I may have (usually), and the hot and cool contrast of the oats and frozen banana are fun!  You can see the banana is all frosty 🙂  Peanuts and flax seeds add a nice texture too.

I love oatmeal!  It’s funny because I never thought I would eat it nearly everyday like I do.  Growing up my mom always made instant (not the sugar kind just quick, although we had that too.  Maple brown sugar was my favorite!) and I never really cared for it and ate it on occasion.   I tried the rolled oats and I was hooked.  I am not a huge fan of the steel-cut oats.  I will have to try them again but I remember wanting my rolled oats when I ate them last 🙂


Well, there is the door to my basement.  I guess I better get going on that circuit so the little one and I can have some fun today!  We might go to an art festival today!

Have a great Friday!

Talk to you soon!