After my morning workout, I felt a little depleted.  A protein smoothie would fix that!

It was smooth, creamy and just the right balance.  No swampy taste! 🙂

He wasn’t quite enough so I had the left over squash from last night.

My daughter and I never made it to the art festival.  It’s going on all this weekend so no worries.  She found some old dinosaur cookie cutters I have had since high school in the basement and asked to make cookies with them.  How could I refuse that?

I love to bake and to experiment with recipes.  We mixed up some: Brown rice flour, spelt, coconut oil, apple sauce, baking soda, cream of tartar, vanilla extract, almond extract, and an egg!

As you can see as a shape cookie…not so good!

As a drop cookie…now that was pretty good!  My mother-in-law stopped in with some birthday presents for my little girl and she loved the cookies!  Yay!

I sprinkled them with raw sugar before they went in to bake.  🙂

So I had one of the cookies and some veggies and humus too!

Later on I needed something crunchy so I had a few of these with some PB!  They are wheat free, gluten-free crackers and I love them but the hubby does not.  He is not so into health food.  🙂

That’s it so far.  I think we may walk to the park and play for a bit.  As for dinner…I’m not quite sure.  I am in a weird snacky mood today.  🙂