I stayed at my parents for a while with my daughter and then left her for the night.  It was time to go birthday shopping for the little one!  She will turn 3 this Sunday.

I was so busy rushing around and checking things out that I did not eat for a long time.  I was caught without snacks too since I did not plan to be out for so long!  I felt nausea mostly, so I decided that it was time to get something in me.  I ate five of these:

I thought they were ok.  I don’t know if I would buy them again.  (Maybe on the second try I will like them?)

I also had one of these:

I have never had a Gingerade before.  It was good.  I always like things with ginger, but it was not a green GT which I love.  😦

That allowed me to get home and not eat everything in sight!  I had one of the leftover peppers from last night and a sliced apple.  I tried to take the picture from afar, since stuffed peppers just don’t look pretty the next day.  (You may not want to view it.) His looks might have left but he tasted even better today!

It’s such a beautiful evening!  I am going to take the dogs for a walk.  They have been alone for quite a while today.

I am sure I will snack on something else tonight.  It might be one of these fig bars and maybe a salad.  I think I need to get some greens in today.

I stopped at my local health food store (where I got the GT) and picked up this and a few coconut waters, and some Braggs Liquid Amino to try.  I am excited!

I am going to go and get changed for my walk.

Have a great night!