Good Wednesday morning!  I can’t believe that it is Wednesday already and it’s time for another circuit.  A Gabby Reece circuit of course!

Todays Circuit:  Kahakai Circuit

SB=Stability Ball
MB=Medicine ball

3 Rounds
60 Seconds per exercise
10-15 Seconds rest in-between each exercise
30-60 Seconds rest in-between each round

1.Handstands against the wall to Pushup
elbow plank – pushup
2. DB Step Back Lunge
3. 1 Arm DB Snatch
4. DB Straight Leg Dead Lift
5. SB Surfer Pop Up
6. DB Bicep Open and Close
7. MB Around the World (on the floor)
8. Static Curtsy Squat
9. DB Shoulder Fly / DB Shoulder Press
10. SB Bridge Leg Curl
11. DB Kick Backs
12. Jumping Jax
13. KB Open Squat to Close

Now breakfast.  Oatmeal!

It’s a repeat of yesterday with the addition of flax seeds and pumpkin seeds for color!  Tasty!

So I will gobble this up, probably eat the other half of my Jay Bar, and get going on the circuit!  We are off to see Grandma and Grandpa today!

Have a good one!

Talk soon 🙂