This is my absolute favorite night snack as of late!  I have been stuffing Medjool dates with walnut halves!  I am sure this is not a new concept, but it’s still tasty and a new snack to me.  A piece of dark chocolate usually sneaks its way onto the plate too.  It was the perfect dessert last night!  🙂

This morning breakfast was a no brainer unlike yesterday morning.  Bananas are back in the house and all was right again (my pecan stash has also been replenished!).  I added some chopped dates too.

My only problem is figuring out what to do for cardio.  Yesterday I knew exactly what workout I was going to do.  Hmm….it’s raining outside so I guess it’s inside today.  It will either be a jump rope workout (if my knees can take it) or a killer bike workout.  I think option 2 more than likely.  My knee does not hurt, but it does feel vulnerable so biking it is!

I have a few built-in programs on my stationary bike.  I am going to shoot for a 60 minute training session.  It’s a challenging one that’s for sure!

Have a good morning!

Talk soon!