This morning was off to an awesome start!  I had my oatmeal, figured out what I was going to do for a workout, and ate half of one of these!

It is the “No Junk” protein bar!  It has the best ingredients that I can find.  This was the first time I have ever had Cashew-Coconut and it was great!  I would buy it again, although this one I actually won!  Maybe that’s why it tasted so good.  🙂

After I ate my Cashew-Coconut delight, I headed to the basement to get my workout done.  I did one of the 60 minute training programs on my stationary bike.  I got through the whole thing (13 very sweaty miles!) before my daughter woke up!  Yay!

I worked up an appetite and it was time for an early lunch.

Sprouted bread with roasted chicken, Munster, spinach and tomato!  It really hit the spot.

I forgot to ice my knee I was feeling so good so I did that while I began to prepare for tonight’s dinner.  My daughter has dance class and last week (when I made my meatless, veggie sandwich!) I was stuck preparing the dinner just before we left and eating it when we made it home!

Stuffed, colored bell peppers are in order for tonight!  All I will have to do is pop them into the oven.  🙂

Do you have a protein bar that you love?  Please share!

Have a great day!

Talk soon!