Good Monday Morning to you!

Breakfast is going to be a hard decision for me today.  I am out of bananas and my stash of frozen bananas have been depleted as well!  My oatmeal usually uses a banana in some form or another.  It’s a good thing I know which Gabby Reece circuit I am going to do today:


SB=Stability Ball
MB=Medicine ball

3 Rounds
60 seconds per exercise
10-15 seconds rest in-between each exercise
45 Seconds rest between each round

1. Bridge Leg Lifts / Bridge Swivel Lifts Right
2. Bridge Leg Lifts / Bridge Swivel Lifts Left
3. Spiderman Modified with a Kick
4. DB Squats
5. SB Chest Press
6. Toe Bridge Up-Down
7. Dip and Bridge (chair)
8. DB or MB 1 Arm Press 1 Leg up and Open
9. DB Alternating Lunge Back and Forward
10. DB Bicep Curl to Shoulder Press
11. SB 1 Push Up 3 Roll Ins
12. KB Sumo Squat
13. DB Diagonal single Leg Squat
14. DB Hammer Curl to Step Back Lunge
15. DB Lawn Mower
16. Ballet Toe to Ceiling

Always fun!  I have been doing her strength training (in one form or another) workouts for about three years now!  Before that, I have never been able to stick to a strength training regimen for more than two weeks!  She mixes it up, has tons of moves, and makes it fun.  I also like that the reps are timed.  I hate counting reps, although I catch myself doing it still.  It is fun to see how many you can do in a minute and see your progress.

I still need to figure out breakfast and I am hungry!

Talk soon!