This morning my parents came over for a visit.  While they were here I got a few things done.  My husband has been working crazy hours these days.  With a little one there are things I just can not do with her and myself.  I was able to take advantage of their coming over today.

I mowed the lawn!  It really needed it.  This is something I just don’t feel comfortable doing with a toddler on my lap.  I have seen other people do it and I guess it works for them, but it would make me nervous if I did it.

Since I was already sweaty and nasty from mowing, I decided a run would make sense.  I went and ran 4 miles today with no stopping for pain in either knee!  I had stiff hips but no pain.  After stretching and icing, it was time for lunch!

I made my dad (my mom already ate some cheese and crackers while I was out.) and I a Kale Salad!  It was pretty good.  My dad loved it!

The dressing is made from  Champagne vinegar, which I have never owned or tried until the other day.  I had two choices at my local grocery store.  I always let my daughter pick out the ingredients.  She chose the $11.00 bottle vs the $8.00 one.  🙂

In order I layered:

  • Kale cut into small pieces
  • Champagne dressing I made
  • Feta cheese
  • Chopped apple
  • Rasins
  • Chopped almonds

It was simple and delicious and once again meatless!  I am digging the no meat lately!

Have a good night!