Today I did not eat so well.  I began with my normal oatmeal and then…it went south or so I thought before I really thought about it.

My husband had the day off and lately he has not had too many of these.  I knew it would not be the healthiest eat day because of that.  When he is home we tend to go out to eat and I am not sure that it can compare with a home cooked meal as far as health is concerned.

We went to Fudruckers for lunch (I had a few crackers and probably not even an ounce of cheese before we left since I was pretty hungry).  I got a buffalo burger (sorry no photos, I still feel like a weirdo pulling out my camera in a restaurant to take a photo of my food) with onion rings.  I am trying to eat intuitively and it was successful!  I stopped halfway into the burger because I was full and left a few onion rings on the plate too!  I thought this might inspire me to devour sweet stuff, but it didn’t!  I was full and did not want to eat anything else.

We went shopping and then when we got back I was craving chocolate.  I dipped into our bridge mix supply and ate some.  Probably more than I wanted to but not crazy out of control!

Then I went for a run and was able to run for 3.5 miles with no pain but then after that I felt a little in my good knee!  So I walked the last .5 miles home and iced both my knees.  They feel good though, no pain now and I did not even have any Advil!

I had to get showered and cleaned up to take my daughter to dance.  We did not have time for dinner and at that point I was not all that hungry.

After dance we ordered a pizza and I thought it was going to lead to ice cream, cookies, brownies, and candy.  Once again it did not!  I ate pizza until I felt full (about 2 and 1/2 pieces.)

Overall I ate probably too much but I did not go crazy!  That seems like progress to me.  Yesterday I had a small binge, but it was pretty tame.  Today was better.  I think things will continue to improve.