This morning my daughter woke me up at 4:30am to help her go to the bathroom.  I am not sure why she needed my help this particular morning, but it’s ok.  She went back to sleep of course, and I could not.  It sounded like a good time to get my workout in.

Today I did the Maninowali Circuit.  It’s a Gabby Reece one of course.  A little tough on the third round.  It is 17 exercises!  Three rounds at one minute each!  Fun! Fun! Fun!  The workout goes like this:

SB=Stability Ball
MB=Medicine ball

3 Rounds
60 Seconds per exercise
10-15 Seconds rest in-between each exercise
1 Minute rest in-between each round

1. Handstands
2. Pushups
3. Jumping Jax
4. Supported Squat Tuck and Kick Back
5. L Bicep Curl / Shoulder Press
6. Skater
7. DB Plank Row
8. 3 Squats 2 Jumps
9. DB 1 Arm Pop Up
10. Wall Sits
11. V Ups – In Out
12. MB Russian Twist
13. DB Split Squats
14. DB Pick Up Drop Off
15. Split Squat DB Row
16. Lunge Back Touch
17. Wide Squat and Close

The last two mornings I have been sluggish but not this morning.  surprising since I probably only got five hours of sleep.  I feel good though!

Since I wanted to get going on my workout I did not eat breakfast before.  I hate doing that, but with taking hypothyroid meds I can’t eat for an hour after anyway.  I felt good when working out so it was ok for me today.

I think it will be another repeat of yesterdays breakfast.  It was good.  I need to pack some snacks too.  We are going to an outlet mall and I don’t exactly expect great, healthy fare!

I’m not a big protein or energy bar fan.  They are mostly filled with junk!  In a pinch I will eat a Dr. Mercola’s Coco Casava bar.  They are full of good ingredients.  I will eat a Jay Bar too, but I hate that they use sugar alcohols.  They do make a pretty good protein powder though.  I love my Jay Robb!  A bit too sweet, but only Stevia is used.  I can cut the sweetness with spinach.  I’ll have to show you one of my drinks using it one day.

Well I better get going on that oatmeal.  I have a fun day planned with my mom and the little one.  I hope you all have a great day too!  Talk soon.  🙂