This morning I told you about my jog and jam.  It turned out to be more jog than jam, but I am not complaining.  I ran four miles without pain!  Maybe the 10k coming up will be in my future!

So yesterday I had a meatless lunch and loved it!  Todays lunch was leftovers of the same and it was so good I decided to keep it meatless all day.  I grilled up some veggies for a sandwich!

I was super excited to find sprouted buns!  I have had sprouted tortillas, and bread, now it was time for a bun!

Look, I think he is smiling!  I know I am 🙂

I was very hungry when I put this together so it turned out pretty huge, but it went down very easy.  It was filling, I did the following:

  • Broiled my buns cut side up (no jokes please)
  • Put goat cheese on the bottom
  • Layered on:
  • Eggplant (broiled)
  • Yellow and Green summer squash (broiled)
  • Red pepper (fire roasted)
  • Red onion (broiled)
  • Topped with cumin mayo (half mayo, half greek yogurt, lime juice, and cumin mixed)

The following result:

This is without a doubt my new favorite sandwich.  This will show up again and again and again on my table!

I have had this meal idea (from better homes and gardens that I adapted) for nearly 10 years and never tried it.  My husband is not a fan of the meatless meals so I just never made it since it seemed like a lot of work for just myself!

I think you might see more and more meatless dishes showing up on my blog.  I can still make food for the hubby and some for myself.  I am enjoying meat free meals and they do fill me up contrary to my former beliefs!

Have a good night!

Oh, and tomorrow is another Circuit workout day!