Good Morning! 

It’s Monday and I am feeling a little slow.  I just had my chocolate oatmeal this morning equipped with the usual: frozen banana (chunked never sliced!), PB, and unsalted roasted peanuts.  I am loving it these days!  Hopefully this will give me the energy I need for todays workout.

My circuit choice is a Gabby Reece one:  Lanikai (13 moves at 1 min each, for 3 rounds)

1. Jumping Jax
2. Single Leg Step Squat with Knee Raise and Single DB Shoulder Press
3. SB DB Chest Press Up and UP
4. Step Lunge w/DB Shoulder Press
5. Straight Leg Dead Lift with DB Shoulder Raise
6. Around the World w/MB
7. 3 Rollins 1 Push up on SB
8. Bicep Curl to DB Shoulder Press
9. Stationary Glute Tap and Squeeze
10. DB Pick up – Drop Off
11. SB Dips with Leg Roll In (tough)
12. DB Squat Bicep Curl
13. Side Lunge

It should be a good one today.  It’s full of some of my favorite moves.

I will probably end up doing a 2 mile walk later today.  I am trying to be delicate with my IT band.  There is a 10k on the 14th that I am interested in.  I am sure I can do it, my only concern is that I may re-injure myself.  My ITB has been doing pretty good lately.  We will see how it goes this week and I will determine it at the end.  I really want to run it!

Have a good morning!