I am not a vegetarian, but I do like to eat meatless on occasion.  I have added meat to my diet because I feel like it helps me feel full for a longer period of time, that and I love fish!  After my lunch today I might just have to reconsider!

I did my morning circuit workout and really struggled with it.  Maybe my oatmeal was not quite enough to get me through it.  After my workout I had a small snack (Dried blueberries and unsalted dry roast peanuts, yum!)  and worked on creating my lunch.

I had some chickpeas, spinach, and some red onions that I needed to use up.  I flipped through my latest edition of Better Homes and Gardens and made a recipe inspired by their Baby Spinach, Couscous, and Bulgur Platter.  I left out the couscous because I did not have it but the rest was very similar.

I used the following:

  • Chickpeas
  • Cooked bulgur (with a little salt, I love red Hawaiian!, and cumin)
  • Baby spinach
  • Diced red onion
  • Small diced red apple (tossed with juice of half a lemon, we want it pretty!)
  • Yogurt-mint salad dressing (some red wine vinaigrette I made mixed with greek yogurt, dried mint, and a little water to get it to the right consistency)

I mixed the chickpeas with the bulgur and put it in the fridge to cool until I was ready.

You can see in the picture above (you can also see my homade Kombucha Tea in the background!), in order I layered on the following: Spinach, dressing, bulgur/chickpea mix, apple, and onion.

It was so simple, but very delicious!  And filling!  I some left over for tomorrow and I think I may add some feta on top.

So as I said before, I may have to re-think my ideas on going meatless!

Do you go meatless often?