I have been craving beets!  I love them!  There is nothing better than a beet salad or eating them just as a snack.  Every time I cook them however, they get the best of me!

I steam my beets.  I guess I should just boil them to prevent what happens to me every time but I figure steam probably retains more flavor and nutrients than boiling them away in water.  I like my beats whole too which contributes to my problem.  They take a long time to cook!

I thought I was being diligent in checking them every so often to add water to the pot if needed.  I got distracted (blogging) and the smell of something burning snapped me to attention!

The beets got me again!  As you can see the pot and steaming basket are black and have sticky, charred chunks stuck to them from the sugars released into the water at the bottom!


Maybe I should have opened a can!


Fortunately the beets were done and unscathed.

I ended up making a salad with whatever produce I could find.  It tasted pretty good!  My beets were awesome too!  They had a slightly smokey flavor.  🙂

I went for a three-mile walk after my workout.  It was another great day!  I ate good and plan on having a protein shake tonight if I need it.

Do you eat beets?  How do you prepare them?  Do you have my problem?