Today my husband and I have been married for 11 years!  We met in college (1997).  About six months later he won an all expenses paid trip to Maui.  No kidding!  I met him when I was 20.  You needed to be 21 to go on the trip and fortunately I turned 21 two weeks before the trip began!  The rest is history.

I made these cupcakes for our anniversary today.  They are a white cake with a lime butter cream frosting with Michigan blueberries and my garden grown Nasturtiums!  They were filled with blueberries too!  Yum!

So  happy anniversary to me!

I also did a stair workout today that was fun!  It was different from my normal routine (once again a Gabby Reece one!).  It went like this:

You need 15-20 steps

  1. single steps up
  2. double steps up
  3. run up steps
  4. Repeat for 15 minutes.  (you are supposed to do the above three times and then repeat the process two more times or something like that, I just like timing not counting)

I felt like this was not enough so I did a 8 exercise circuit, one minute each, three rounds.  It was mostly arms.  I made up the circuit myself it went like this (of course they are Gabby moves).:


  1. Dead lift to shoulder raise
  2. Bicep curl to shoulder press
  3. Charlies angel lunge w/ stability ball
  4. Tricep dip with bridge
  5. flys
  6. Split squat 90/90 single row
  7. Chest press on stability ball
  8. Push up with legs on stability ball to roll-ins with lets (1 push up to 3 roll-ins)

And that was my workout!  I ate good today.  Normal human portions.  Not as clean as I would like but I don’t think I squelched any food desires today.  All in all it was a good day!