Things were going great! I was feeling great!  I was eating great!  What the heck happened?

The past three days I have not been an intuitive eater.  I have been for maybe 2/3 of the day and then I just have a meltdown and devour cookies and ice cream!  I am not sure what is going on. The first day it started with just a taste and I was ok with that.  The second day I ate a little more but not horrible, and the third day it was out of control.  I have a few ideas on why this may have occurred.

  1. My exercise has been a little more ramped up these days with my knee feeling better.  Maybe I have not been eating enough to keep up?
  2. It is two weeks before my period.  I always seem to want to eat voraciously and crave not so healthy foods at this time every month.  I am not sure if this happens to other women but I have been tracking my eating for years and it is always the case.  I guess I need to be more intuitive at this time?
  3. I love to bake!  I have been baking for the past three days.  If I am intuitively eating then this should not be an issue, but I have to wonder if doing this is a good idea right now.
  4. Maybe I let my hunger level get a little too high before I ate.  Last night I was hungry and I had planned to make stir fry.  I was cutting the veggies and ate a bagel with cream cheese (something I have not had in probably a few years) thinking this would just be a snack and then when I was hungry again all of my ingredients would be ready to go and throwing the stir fry together would be a snap.  The bagel led to chips, cookies, and ice cream!  I know I should be able to eat anything if I am doing it intuitively, but I swear that certain foods trigger me to eat this way.  I guess you should not try foods when you are vulnerable and maybe that was the case on this particular day.
  5. I also had been craving a diet pop and a GT.  I did not give in to either one.  (Diet pop I gave up and every time I drink it I think it gives me a headache.  A GT is just hard to find in my area.)

So once again I learned a few things:

  • Eat food if you are hungry.  (I still have a hard time with knowing this.)
  • Try to be more intuitive during certain times of the day and or month.  (Listen to cues)
  • Stop baking or trying foods when I am vulnerable (very hungry etc)
  • Try to make foods that don’t require so much prep time when you get hungry.
  • Go with a craving.  Even if you only drink a little bit (DP) just to get it out of your system.  Even if you need to drive across town (my health food store is always out of GT, maybe I need a stash at home.  I used to make kombucha but I quit.)

If you have any suggestions or comments please leve them.  I am relatively new at this and I thought for sure I was headed in the right direction.  It’s frustrating.  It’s ok though it’s a new day.  I have a plan of attack.

As a side note it is a cardio day.  I think a run is in order.  It may involve some walking.  I swear every time I eat a lot of sugar my knee bothers me more.  inflammation?  Probably.  I need to remember that!  When I eat good my knee feels good!

Happy Saturday!