My morning started out great!  Thanks to Grandma and Grandpa having my daughter, I had it all to myself! I started with another awesome circuit workout.  It was 16 exercises (one minute each one!), three rounds and no breaks, only enough time to get from one exercise to the next (about 10 seconds works)!

I decided to have lunch (an early one!) at a gourmet market.  It’s a great place! I have been going there since I was a kid.

I got an apple, GT, and a cup of Italian Wedding soup (I think the meat balls were made of ground chicken?  They were very white and tasted awesome!).  It really hit the spot except I really wanted a green GT but an original would suffice.

The problem was in the afternoon.  We are having a heat wave here in the Detroit area!  So hot and humid.  I had some humus that I made as an afternoon snack (Looking back at the picture now it almost looks like it is giving me the finger! At least the veggies were trying to warn me.) but I will not be eating this batch just before a run ever again!

I made my awesome humus recipe and put garlic in as usual.  I normally put three cloves in and this time I only used one but it was a giant one.  And potent!  Two miles into my run I had serious heartburn and was running in 92 degree heat with tons of humidity.  Not a great combination.  I walked the last mile to some Tori Amos (have not listened to for sooo long)  and it helped.  I still enjoyed my afternoon alone.

I am trying to make it a point to enjoy myself more.  So dining in the open air for lunch and listing to music while I exercise made a great day even if my humus tried to ruin it.  🙂