Yesterday morning I got up and had my oatmeal for breakfast as usual.  I did some things around the house (With Intuitive Eating I have never felt better both emotionally and physically.  I have so much energy!  Energy to get stuff done I had been putting off for years!)  and decided to go work-out.  I began to feel hungry and realized it had been two hours since I last ate!

Normally I would have pushed off my eating thinking that it was not “lunch time” so I will just go workout and eat lunch after.  I probably would have struggled through the workout and wondered why.

So yesterday, I decided to have a snack and am I glad I did!  I kicked that workouts A**!  It was a 45 minute training bike session that I have done before and did not do nearly as well with.

The snack got me through the workout and through my icing of the knees after.  Then I was hungry again, so I ate!  Before, I would have thought that if I had a snack than that would somehow make me forgo lunch because I ate around lunch time (I liked schedules)?

Here is the snack I consumed:  Half a frozen banana on a stick with peanut butter sprinkled with flax-seed.  Can you imagine the possibilities?  Mini chocolate chips!  Nuts!  Trail mix! He was so simple, but it really hit the spot!

Oh and here are my sweet potato fries from the other night.  A little coconut oil, fresh grated ginger, and red Hawaiian sea salt, baked until crisp!  So good!  I like them reheated as a snack as well!  A carb that will leave you feeling good!

Now it’s time for some oatmeal (I am thinking some cocoa powder is needed today!)  and my Friday Circuit Workout!  Gabby Reeces Waikiki Circuit ( 16 exercises, 1 minute each, three rounds!  Happy Friday!