Today was a good start.  I did my circuit workout for 50 minutes.  It was another Gabby Reece one. Inspired by her today I decided that some of her recipes for dinner were in order.

Tonight is a Crustless Spinach Quiche (loaded with spinach, bell peppers and small amounts of turkey bacon and feta cheese!) and sweet potato fries made with coconut oil and red Hawaiian sea salt (which are still in the oven)!  Yum!  (It’s probably a weird combination but it’s what I want so I am going with it.)

Tonight I hope to get in at least a two mile walk in.  Yesterday I walked 5 and a half miles and was able to run 1.5 miles with no pain!  Yay!  I just need to keep up the icing and streatching and take it slow.  So hard to do.

Have a good night!