On Monday, Wednesday and Friday of every week I do my circuit workouts.  I love all of Gabby Reeces circuits!  They are on average 40 minutes long, and work your total body.  I like that.  I feel like I am not wearing out any one part of my body on a particular day.

Todays circuit is Lanikai.  It has 13 exercises.  Three rounds of doing all 13 exercises for a minute each.  The workouts fly by and are challenging.  If you have never checked out her website, you should (www.gabbyreece360.com).  It has tons of info in all areas of health, fitness, and great recipes.  I have been a big Gabby Reece fan since the late 90’s.

It’s time for a little breakfast (I’m thinking regular oats and lot’s of fresh berries)and to get started on that circuit!